Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Since Jerusalem

Life has been a madhouse since Jerusalem. I could quantify it in lists perhaps, classes taken, dates I've gone on, jobs I've had, illnesses and injuries, etc. Or perhaps things less quantifiable: relationships built, relationships forgotten, sins forgiven, silent moments, vibrant seconds so bright they outshine a week, sorrows or victories. I don't really know how I could describe my life since then. I can sense within myself a change of the whole. Like the herbs and vegetables I watched grow so through my untrained, youthful cultivation, I am (with the exception of God) the most intimate observer of my own genesis. It is a fascinating, difficult, and sometimes terrifying transformation to observe. I only hope to God above that it is in the right direction. I can only thank Him for the opportunities I've had.

And now, as I'm preparing to go studying in Cambridge for the summer, I will be restarting my frequent use of this blog. So look out for it.